Handy Alfred Workflows

I love Alfred (well, quicksilver then launchbar now alfred) for launching apps and doing small calculations but I was reluctant to use it for other tasks for some reason. Slowly I started replacing some common tasks with Alfred actions, first finding albums to play on iTunes and then making Fantastical entries on the fly. I don’t pick up new alfred workflows too often because they can be very dependent on your own personal workflow; a lot of other people’s workflows don’t really fit with how I work.

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Thu, Sep 26, 2013

App Configuration with URL Schemes

I just read about a neat feature for Letterpress 1.4 where savvy users can test Spanish games by loading “letterpress:experimental” in Safari and I wanted to share an alternate example that I build for a client a while back. In this particular case, the client wanted to distribute a single app binary via enterprise distribution or ad-hoc builds to various clients of his own. The catch was that all these clients wanted the app to look customized to their own brand with logos and colors.

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Fri, Mar 15, 2013

Return of Blog, Holidays Edition

Good day, blog friends! Not counting Muniverse (and I don’t, it was waiting to be published for a while), it has been quite a time since I last wrote a thing. Here’s some stuff that doesn’t warrant its own post: Brad and I finally finished a remote garage door opener based on an Arduino and WiFly. See the incredible frustration documented on G+ here and here. A few more tweaks and the whole thing will be on github.

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Sat, Dec 22, 2012

Muniverse 2

Many years ago as I was learning Objective-C and Jamison was going through his public transit phase (yes, as far as I know he’s still in it), we joined forces to create an epic San Francisco Muni app for the iPhone. It was my first ground-up project for the iPhone so I found myself wanting to rewrite large swaths of the code every 2-3 weeks. For obvious reasons, I tried to keep the stuff that was ugly but effective and that got us to the release.

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Mon, Dec 17, 2012

Go-powered Beer at Original Gravity Pub

Last month saw the official opening of San Jose’s newest drinking establishment, Original Gravity Public House. Dan is a friend from before he became a full-time beer slinger and I offered to whip up something for the website a while back. As a craft beer bar they had the opportunity to change their selection of beers regularly and wanted a way to reflect those changes on their website and in the bar with minimal effort.

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Wed, Aug 15, 2012

Feature Detection with Objective-C

(I’m at WWDC this week, I figure I should probably release something of my own) I wasn’t being completely modest when I recently praised line simplification for bringing a method to the masses. It’s not a great example though, so let me explain in a little more detail. For any large group of people interacting with a technology, the vast majority are using it as a means to an end. I say this in a positive way.

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Tue, Jun 12, 2012