geeks on homes

Let me tell you about the nerdiest show on television. It’s not a sci-fi miniseries or a space documentary, or even Mythbusters as you might imagine. It’s Holmes on Homes. And yes, this means I watch HGTV. At first glance it’s your typical construction/remodel show. It adds the element of “something went wrong” by selecting regular people who have paid local contractors to fix or remodel something and the contractor has either done clearly shitty work or left without finishing the job.

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Sat, Jun 18, 2011

sf vs nyc

Listen up, nerds. Do you hear that? It’s the whooshing sound of people moving from San Francisco to New York City. Seriously, NYC is taking talent from the Bay Area and they’re doing it right under our noses. Anil Dash may not have been the start of this trend (I would say he was on a brief two or three year visit to SF), but he is surely one of the first to acknowledge it and take it seriously.

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Tue, Jan 11, 2011