Luxury Condos On Pagoda Theater Site

I’m pretty bummed about this. The Central Subway is nearing completion and there’s a lot of pro-transit sentiment out there right now. It seems like a real waste to let this site slip away when it would be perfect for a future North Beach station as part of a Central Subway expansion. Update: Looks like Supervisors Julie Christensen and Scott Wiener are on the task. Source

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Tue, Sep 22, 2015

Buenos Aires as seen from SF

We went to Argentina! Rebecca was in Guatemala for reasons in late October and continuing our tradition of traveling after other travel, we skipped down to Buenos Aires for two weeks in early November. There are so many fascinating cultural details from far away places that I think about when I’m traveling and it seems that I always forget to write about them when I return. So I took some notes this time while I was away and this is my attempt at turning those into a cohesive post.

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Mon, Dec 1, 2014